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Illustration challenge process: Ourplanetweek

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a bit more of my illustration process. During an illustration challenge you have to post everyday so the illustration have to be done pretty quickly. This is how I worked on my illustrations for the ourplanetweek challenge. I used the same process on the floraandfauna challenge a few months back.

Illustration challenges on instagram are usually planned by a group of illustrators. They choose a theme and a period of time (usually a week) and challenge other artist to post a piece everyday. Those piece have to be following a list of prompts they release a few days or weeks before the begining of the challenge.

When the prompts list is released I usually start with sketching ideas. I try to see what every word of the list makes me think of. Then I choose a color palette and try to find a concistency or a common element between my illustrations for the same challenge. For our planet week it was the restricted color palette and the faces on natural elements like trees and montains.

Once I made a few notes and doodles of my ideas I start sketching how the ideas could be applied visually. I try to see how to compose the differents elements I want to inclued.

Then I draw the linework "proprement" and add details. I work on the shapes.

After that I do a very quick color sketch using the color palette I choose for the challenge. I like to know a bit in advance where every color will go so I don't have too much of one color somewhere in the drawing. At this stage I sometimes also try out different color combinations for textures.

After that I have all the elements I need to start the final illustrations. Using my light tablette, I trace the sketch on a better paper (here I used Canson Bristol 180g). And then do a first layer of felt pen. I then add details with color pencils.

I use Tombow art ABT Acid free felt pens (here the 243 and 990 colors), Faber Castell Gol

And at last, I scan and take pictures of the final piece. I eddit the colors a bit to look like the original on photoshop. And then I post it!

I hope you enjoyed this little peack into my process. Please tell me if you have any questions or other things you would like to know!

Thank you for reading through the end, have a very beautiful day!


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