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I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Toulouse, France. I am passionate about nature. And that is probably why, besides drawing cute plants and animals all the time, I am also trying to live more sustainably to protect it.

If you are interest in my illustrated journey you can find vegetarian recipes and other ethical tries and tips on my blog.

I am always experimenting new mediums, styles and techniques, so I will also share my differents process, experiment and inspirations about illustration. 
I am building my shop little by little but you can already find unique portraits for your pet or house. And exciting new products are coming very soon so stay tuned on Instagram!

Don't hesitate to contact me for any question. I'm always looking for new subject to talk about on the blog. Also if you are interest in something you can’t find in my shop. I am also all for new projects or exciting special request, so feel free to ask too.

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